What’s in our products?

There is one common ingredient found in all Jack's Soda's products: pure Quebec honey. We have chosen to sweeten our cocktail syrups and sodas only with honey and to source it from a local producer.

Using a sugar that is not transformed, the other ingredients had to be as raw and fresh as possible. Our tonic is made directly from the cinchona bark and not from extracts. We also put in lemongrass, ginger, lemon juice, lavender, and sea salt. The resulting tonic has a crisp bitterness, a good acidity, and floral notes that pair perfectly with the finest gins.

Our ginger beer follows the same approach. Besides the honey, we mix in some freshly pressed ginger juice, lime juice, Sichuan pepper, and sea salt. It offers the unmistakable heat of the ginger, laced with the perfumes of pepper and lime. Serve it with a good dark rum or a vodka and enjoy!

Jack's Rhubarbe is prepared directly with the rhubarb stalks and macerated with sumac. It offers a refreshing acidity while evoking a rhubarb jam. Drink it straight and ice cold or with rum for a delicious mojito.

Jack's Bleuet is made with pure wild blueberry juice from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean with a touch of lime juice to bring out the flavours. The characteristic taste of the fruit is intertwined with the one of the honey for a candy finish. Drink it straight from the bottle or try a mix with gin or vodka. Cheers!

About us

Jack’s Soda is the brainchild of a longterm friendship.
Although our adventure as entrepreneurs is still young, our vision and goal are very clear: provide consumers with a better drink. With a soft spot for the finer things in life - and sometimes, sheer indulgence – we are committed to producing syrups and sodas of astounding quality.
It is our mission to satisfy our nation’s seemingly endless appetite for innovation in the beverage world. By improving the wheel, we wish to make a significant difference in the habits of beverage consumption.

Joël Beaupré

Joël Beaupré


Mathieu Guillemette

Mathieu Guillemette


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